• Free Add-on for REAPER
  • Easy automatic install
  • Source-Destination Editing
  • Two-lane Crossfade Editor
  • Folder Razor Editing
  • Delete with Ripple & Delete leaving Silence
  • Complete set of mastering-grade jsfx plugins
  • Comprehensive PDF guide and online support
  • Truly cross-platform: Windows, MacOS & Linux (inc. Raspberry Pi)
  • Automatic Source Groups
    with linked attributes
  • Intelligent Mixer View
  • Collapsible Track Groups
  • Quick audition group or track at mouse cursor
  • Automatic Preparation of Takes
  • Insert with Time-Stretching
  • Ready-to-use "analog" and "digital" console templates
  • Optional custom toolbar
  • Comprehensive system of single-key shortcuts
  • One-Button Take Recording
  • Whole Project View shortcut
  • Modern Loudness Workflows
  • World-class Dither & Resampling
  • Game-changing DDP, CUE and album report creation
    with intelligent auto-generated marker system
  • High-resolution Deliverables with ready-to-go export presets
  1. Read the PDF user guide
  2. For the full and easy install experience, follow the installation instructions here.
  3. Read, and participate in, the ReaClassical thread on REAPER's forums.
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